As much as you may need to, you can’t lose an entire day to a nasty hangover anymore. You have to tough out the day like the rest of us suckers. Thanks to science, we now have a tiny bit of control over how many breakfast sandwiches we need to order the morning after a night out.

In a study that pitted dark liquor against light it was discovered that those who drank darker drinks had worse hangover symptoms than those who kept it light. While problems like headaches, nausea and thirst were present in both groups it was clear that bourbon drinkers were in worse shape.

This difference can be explained by darker liquors having 37 times more toxic compounds than clear liquors. The clearer a beverage is, the less substances found in the makeup. If you take a second to think about it, it’s really pretty obvious.

Both liquors impair the drinker equally so even if you’re choosing to minimize your hangover with a clear drink you still need to pace yourself. And just to be safe, maybe keep the Advil and sunglasses on deck.