giphyWhen I heard about vodka made from milk, my first question was: Why?

But then I had more questions. With the help of this article from the Globe and Mail, I was able to answer them.

Are you for real? Milk vodka?
Yes. Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka is a real thing, made in England. To product it, Black Cow ferments and distills the whey from grass-fed cattle. They don’t use potatoes, grain or even water.

Does it taste different from other vodkas?
Even though it’s crystal-clear like other vodkas, it has a unique creamy taste.

Does it come in a cool-looking bottle?
It does.

Is making booze from milk a new idea?
Surprisingly no. This weird idea has a long history. Cultures from Tibet and Mongolia to Poland have been turning milk (including yak’s milk!) into alcoholic drinks for millennia.

Are there any funny quotes about Poland related to the above?
“The Poles really know a lot about making booze out of almost anything.” -Black Cow co-founder Paul Archard

So, it’s form England. Do fancy English celebrities enjoy it?
You bet your bollocks they do. Cate Blanchett, Daniel Craig and Elizabeth Hurley all reportedly drink the stuff.

Would you drink it?
On the one hand, milk vodka sounds pretty strange. On the other hand, YOLO. Would you try it?