[youtube 50Y71sT-QfI nolink]


The time has come for cornhole, kickball, dodgeball and ultimate frisbee players to have their one shining moment.


Mike’s Hard Lemonade is looking for the greatest hard athletes playing hard sports all around the country. They want to recognize you, your friends and your teammates as you play your heart out and lat it on the line all summer long.


Visit Mike’s facebook page to submit your video (deadline August 16th). Voting begins August 17th.


What’s on the line? Besides a whole lot of pride, you could win up to $10,000, tons of Mike’s gear and a chance to appear in Mike’s ads.


It’s interesting because in our cornhole and kickball experience, Mike’s Hard Lemonade has rarely made an appearance. Our coolers are filled to the brim but MHL’s are not in the mix. Nonetheless, we can appreciate what they’re trying to do here and we’re all for supporting those who support hard sports.