Freedom, Independence and the United States of America. It is officially the 4th of July, the day our founding fathers finalized the Declaration of Independence giving us freedom and independence from Great Britain. When the Declaration was signed, alcoholic consumption immediately started going up (obviously) and after 40 years they hit a peak of 7.1 gallons of pure alcohol per person per year in 1830. In the 2013 model, Americans over the age of 14 each drank an average of 2.34 gallons of pure alcohol. Our founding fathers might not be so proud of us today, considering we can’t keep up with their champ drinking habits, but we can change that. It’s the most patriotic day of the year and this is our chance to redeem ourselves!

We give you a recipe for a cocktail that could not be more patriotic. This 4th of July, start drinking like our founding fathers. If you aren’t up for a cocktail then grab a beer and if you don’t like beer then we aren’t sure what to tell ya!

Born Free
1 ½ oz. Svedka Stars & Stripes
1 oz. Watermelon Schnapps
½ oz. Cranberry Juice
½ oz. Lemon Juice
½ oz. Simple Syrup
¼ oz. Blue Curacao
Soda Water

Directions: To make simple syrup, mix equal oz. hot water and sugar until sugar is dissolved. Add Watermelon Schnapps and Cranberry juice over ice. Carefully add lemon, simple syrup and vodka as to layer the white layer, then carefully layer the Blue Curacao to create the color separation and gently top with soda. TIP: When layering pour liquid onto backside of a spoon for a softer pour into the glass.

Recipe Found Via Cosmopolitan.com