Alcohol comes with a lot of negatives, but a lot of positives too. From providing antioxidants to stimulating parts of the brain, alcohol does a lot of great stuff. But we’ve come across a new finding that interestingly applies to men’s health exclusively. That’s right gentlemen, listen up.

According to a recent Oxford study conducted by psychologist Robin Dunbar, grabbing a drink with friends once a week isn’t enough for men. In fact, going out for beer has now becomes essential to staying healthy.

How so? Dunbar explains that by socializing with friends, which often includes drinking, men slowly (but surely) begin to reap the full benefits of male friendships. And while many would assume that these benefits are solely social, these findings show that they are just as much physical. Beginning with overall decreases in anxiety levels, the release of endorphins and strong immune systems, the rewards list goes on.

Dunbar suggests that men make their weekly GNO more of common occurrence. So guys, there you have it. Men need to drink with friends to stay healthy. Science has basically given you the best free pass we’ve ever heard of.