Memorial Day beer

Everyone knows that Memorial Day is a big beer drinking day. It’s a long weekend and you want to celebrate with friends and family, we get it. So we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite backyard party beers that we’ll be drinking this weekend.


Crowd Pleaser: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

This is their original beer and there’s a reason it’s done so well. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a favorite among DIAers and will definitely be in attendance at our Memorial Day festivities.


Sessionable: Lagunitas Day Time

This 4.65% IPA has a low ABV so you can drink it all day long and it still tastes great. Perfect for a long afternoon of drinking and grilling.


Dark: Stone Smoked Porter

Even with all the food you’ll be eating, Stone Brewing’s dark porter will go down smooth. It’s the ultimate easy to drink dark beer.


Fruity: Shock Top Raspberry Wheat

This is the fruitier version of the original Shock Top recipe and full of berry flavor. Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth that you have at your party.


Affordable: Pabst Blue Ribbon

PBR is synonymous with American beer. It’s great because you can entertain friends and family without breaking the bank at roughly $6 for a twelve pack.


Splurge: Dogfish Head Midas Touch

This special edition from Dogfish Head is somewhere between a beer, mead and a wine. Aka it’s going to cost you. $15 for a four pack to be exact.


And for all you non-beer drinkers out there, opt for a cider. We suggest Crispin; it’s worth every penny.


What are you drinking this Memorial Day?