Let’s paint some familiar pictures, shall we?

1) You’re at the bar and you’re feeling adventurous. You want to try something different than your go-to, but risking that $12+ price tag doesn’t always seem worth it when you don’t know if this new cocktail is going to work for you. So you find yourself sticking with the same old drink- sipping the mundane-ness down regardless.

2) You’re trying to impress a certain someone at a party and they playfully ask you to make them a drink. But all you know how to make is rum and coke. How unimpressive.

Sadly, as much as we’d all like to be and maybe sometimes pretend to be, we aren’t all ~connoisseurs~ of alcohol. We want to know what pairs well with what, what’s the right cocktail for what occasion, and when we read the listed ingredients on a drink menu, we want to understand what at least half of them are.


Bartenders can be the best go-to-guru when it comes to answering these questions. But 99% of the time, bartenders need to tend to about nine other bar goers and complete ten other tasks before they can be your spiritual, alcohol-guiding Yoda.


Luckily, Patron has stepped up are here to help. Introducing- “Bot-Tenders.” A chatbot that can be found on their website, Facebook, Twitter and even a sub-feature of Amazon’s Alexa. It’s “technology meets tequila.” Patron’s Bot-Tender allows you to ask questions, discuss and curate the best cocktails with their in-house mixologists. Need a fruity cocktail for your upcoming pool party? Or maybe you need a spicy cocktail for your backyard BBQ? Patron’s got you.


These bartenders are the first of their kind. This component is definitely unique to their brand and is worth taking note of. Patron, you’re suave and sleek, and your Bot-Tender is a classy, classy move.