If you’ve been to Wauconda, Illinois you know all about Small Town Brewery. If you’ve never been there (which is likely), allow us to introduce you:

Small Town Brewery is the product of a long history of family brewing. Using recipes inspired by those of his great-great-grandfather, Tim Kovac has made a name for himself in bars all over Chicago.

All successful breweries stem from legend. The story behind Small Town is that Tim’s great-great-grandfather was a sailor who won a brewery in a card game back in the day. He started brewing and kept his beer aboard the ship. This strategy allowed him to sail longer than anyone else due to its long shelf life. Pretty smart guy.

One of the most talked about brews they offer is Not Your Father’s Root Beer. It gives you that homemade root beer taste you love with after-effects that get that you smiling a little wider. With a 95 rating on Beer Advocate, you won’t be taking a risk to give it a try.