If you’re anything like us, for the past month you’ve probably been pretty distracted. Halloween is right around the corner and you’re going big this year. You’re in your car on your way to work, but your mind is in Party City. You’re on the phone with your mom, but you can’t hear a thing she says as you scroll down page after page under amazon search term “costumes on fleek.” We are sure you’ve got quite the list of “to-dos” before your frightful night begins, but there’s just one thing more thing to consider when picking out the perfect costume– a matching drink.

You’ve got to match your booze to your boo. Overwhelmed yet? Don’t stress, we’ve got it all figured out below:

Vampire: Dracula? A Twilight character?  Whatever you choose, you’ll need a Bloody Mary in hand. If not only for its name, for its color as well. Putting yourself further into character– you can even go around saying your drinking Mary’s blood.

Pirate: “Aye, aye captain” (swigs out of a mysterious flask). Chances are that was Rum. Hook on one hand, Rum punch in the other.

Scarecrow: Well, you are a pumpkin head. So, there is just no other acceptable drink to guzzle throughout the night than a Shipyard’s Pumpkinhead brew.

Beach Bum: Maybe you’re just a beach bum… or maybe you’re a stranded on a haunted island. A Blue Hawaii will compliment your board shorts or bikini top regardless. Made with vodka, citrus juice, rum, curaçao, and pineapple juice, you’ll be thankful you’re stranded.

Witch: We suggest a Cauldron–big batch style– for any witches out there. Something green and relatively sour. Try‘s Witches Cauldron with Midori Melon liqueur, orange juice, club soda, and vodka for a spooky concoction.

Zombie: This one’s easy. A Zombie should be drinking the famous 1934 cocktail made of various fruit juices, liqueurs and rum– a Zombie. Invented by Donn Beach of Hollywood’s Don the Beachcomber restaurant, this classic cocktail is a simple homemake.

Greek Goddess: For all the gods and goddesses out there, wine is for you.  Not only is it fitting your background and stories, but you’ll just look so darn classy.