“$10? You want $10 for a vodka soda?”

We’ve all fallen victim to the insane bar markups that rob us blind for a decent drink and it seems like there’s no escaping them. Business Insider recently revealed the staggering numbers behind bar prices and just how much extra we’re paying.

  • Bottom shelf mixed drinks are marked up 456%.
  • 355%: the mark-up on a draft beer.
  • A glass of wine is typically a 350% mark-up.
  • Top shelf spirits see a 300% mark-up.
  • A bottle of wine is the best deal, marked up 150%.

Makes you wonder if going for the cheap drink is really worth it. We’d much rather enjoy a top shelf margarita at a high price than settle for house tequila at close to the same price. If you’re drinking wine by the glass, just go for the bottle to cut costs. And when it comes to beer, go for the better craft option. Clearly it’s worth your money.

What the most you’ve ever paid for a drink? Tell us about it below.