giphy-1It’s National Margarita Day, people. And by “people,” I mean those of you who aren’t celebrating with your third margarita of the afternoon.

Let’s learn some stuff about margaritas so we can impress our National Margarita Day drinking buddies.

It was first made in Tijuana. Maybe. Much like a night of too many margs, things are a little fuzzy when it comes to the origin of the margarita. A likely-sounding story is that it was created in Tijuana in the 1930s, where a bartender took the elements of a tequila shot (salt, tequila, lime) and turned them into a refreshing cocktail. It might be the on good idea anyone’s ever had in Tijuana.

It could’ve been called a Tequila Daisy. A daisy was a popular 19th-century citrus cocktail. Margarita is Spanish for daisy, which is likely why it’s called that. Fortunately, someone had the good sense to use the much cooler-sounding Spanish name. “Let’s get a pitcher of daisies” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Sorry, there’s math involved. The world’s foremost cocktail authority, the International Bartenders Association, says the ratio of margarita ingredients is a complex 7:4:3/ That’s 7 parts tequila, 4 parts triple sec, and 3 parts lime juice. For the math-averse, half tequila, a quarter triple sec, and a quarter lime juice will do the trick.

The first frozen margarita machine is in the Smithsonian. In the 1970s, a Texas restaurant owner was inspired by a 7-Eleven Slurpee machine to create a frozen margarita machine. He tweaked a soft-serve ice cream machine to make slushy margaritas. The Smithsonian recognized this magnificent achievement by acquiring the machine for its collection.

You can buy a Margaritaville Paradise Party Island for just $899. “This deluxe party island is the ultimate lake house accessory. Easily inflated by an electric air pump (sold separately), this stunning float features Comfort Top™ seating for four, two detachable single loungers, a removable sun canopy, built-in beverage cooler, 11 cup holders and a Paradise Pong game center.” Jimmy Buffett, you are a genius.