20160106165858O72 It’s almost 9 pm on a Friday night. You’re considering going out, but you have no one to pregame with. You could really use some alcohol, but drinking alone can be boring, plus it usually makes you contemplate your life choices. You could call up your friends, but they chose the bold decision to start early and are probably halfway to the floor right now, and you’d need some more time to catch up. What do you do? Invite over your new best drinking buddy: Robot Drinky.

Created by South Korean inventor, Eunchan Park, Drinky is the world’s first alcohol-drinking robot. He will always be willing to have a drink with you whenever you need one (or don’t).  Robot Drinky will hold a shot in its hand and guzzle it back with you. He will also cheers, blush after downing a shot, and do a little dance to celebrate. Best part of all, Drinky doesn’t judge. He can take as many shots as you, probably even more. The only upkeep is emptying the Mason jar that makes up the bottom half of Drinky’s body. That way, you don’t waste one drop of alcohol, and you can enjoy Drinky’s shots all over again. If you’re really looking to get things started, Drinky has also mastered chugging.

This new partner in crime doesn’t steal your alcohol, never needs to be carried home, and is always game to get his booze on. He’ll always be there when your friends bail, if you just don’t want to admit to yourself you are drinking completely alone, or to encourage you to drink to your fullest. What else are friends for?