We are in the midst of a MLB World Series for the ages. Two championship-deprived teams, the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs are battling it out for the title of World Champions. The Indians haven’t won the series since 1948 and the Cubs are trying to put an end to their 108 year quest to hoist a third World Series Banner.

With the series now underway, we’re happy to introduce you to our favorite October pastime: The World Series Drinking Game.

Step 1: Pice a team (don’t worry you’ll be drinking either way)

Step 2: Pay attention. Drink only when the following cues are triggered by your team:

When your team is at bat:

  • Drink every time a batter reaches a new base
  • Drink for every run scored
  • Drink if the defense commits an error
  • Finish your drink for a home run

When your team is in the field:

  • Drink for every out
  • Drink for every walk
  • Drink for every strikeout
  • Drink for a pitching change
  • Take two drinks if a runner is thrown out at the plate
  • Take two drinks for a double play


  • Finish your drink if your team wins on a walk off
  • Finish your drink if a player from your team gets ejected
  • Finish every drink in the room if your team wins the World Series