Listen up scotch lovers, Johnnie Walker has released a new essential, however we doubt you will be storing it in your liquor cabinet. The renowned scotch brand has teamed up with designer Oliver Sweeny to create their very own JW Oxford leather brogues, complete with a hidden compartment in each heel that fits a nip of Johnnie Walker perfectly. Sweeny has even incorporated the iconic “striding man” in tattoo form, which can be found on the rear quarter of the shoe.

There are only 130 pairs of the limited edition handmade shoes available and they come with a steep $489.00 price tag. Luckily the hefty bill includes two miniature bottles of Johnnie Walker Red Label whiskey and a transparent heal piece to display the secret stash. This new release aligns with the brand’s “keep walking” campaign, and the makers guarantee that the wearer will “boldly keep walking.” The only question we have left is, where can we get some ice?