giphy-1Celtic Renewables is an Edinburgh-based biotechnical company that is targeting the process of turning waste from whisky distilleries into biobutanol. Sounds cool, right? Biobutanol can be used as a substitute for petrol and diesel, no new engine is required. If everything succeeds than we are looking at potentially cutting out conventional fuel and eliminating a lot of CO2 in the near future.

When whisky goes through its brewing and aging process, only 10% of the output is whisky while the other 90% is waste. This waste consists of copper contaminated beer and barley. Celtic Renewables takes this excess and applies heat and acid and a fermentation process to create a broth. When the fermentation process is occurring, bacteria converts the broth into butanol, acetone and ethanol.

This is a phenomenal and innovative way to support our environment. So start buying more whisky if you don’t already – you’ll be helping to support this company in their efforts to lower emissions using whisky waste.