Whiskey Locker

No, we’re not talking about your high school gym locker. You’ve probably heard of wine lockers—where fans of the vino stash their favorite high priced wines in restaurants and bars around the country. Now, whiskey drinkers can get in on the action. Certain bars across the country are offering lockers where patrons can store their favorite whiskey (and other liquors) for future visits. Steak & Whisky in Hermosa Beach, CA has a steep price tag of $500 for a year long rental, but if you buy $500 worth of liquor and wine, it’s 40% off. Not only can you have your personal favorites ready for you every time you dine, but you can also treat your friends when you can’t make it and take advantage of purchasing rare whiskies and cognacs at 40% off the retail price.

Since 2012, the Flatiron Room in NYC has offered whiskey lockers with no rental fee—just the purchase of a full bottle. If you don’t finish off the bottle by the end of the night, it’s branded with your name and taken away by a whiskey steward for storage. We could get used to a personal whiskey steward. The Franklin Room in Chicago gives you a keychain with a member number when you purchase a bottle from the reserve list and the bottle is stored in the locked glass walls lining the place. Next time you’re on your way, you can let the bar know through a special email address and phone number and find your liquor and ice ready for you—along with personalized glasses. We’re all about good whiskey and being treated like royalty, so if there’s no bar offering locker service in your area, you can always make sure your home bar is stocked.