whiskeygunwhitePeople have been finding new ways to get drunk since drinking was invented, but the whiskey gun is in a class all its own. Normally guns and alcohol DO NOT mix, but this particular toy firearm is meant for drinking. The Whiskey Gun, which sends a shot of whiskey into the air when fired, was patented in 1969, proving again that puns are the best inspiration for invention. The inventor, Frank G. Bohn, was a Wisconsinite specified that the shot glass for the Whiskey Gun must be a shot of whiskey—clearly this guy wasn’t a big fan of other liquors.

The delivery is simple: pull the lever of the rifle and the shot of whiskey will be launched straight to your mouth. Fair warning, there may be a lot of whiskey spilled and a lot depends on your aim. If you find yourself imagining yourself in a wild west-style saloon while downing your favorite whiskey, this may be just the thing for you. They’re not mass-producing these babies yet, but we can still hope.