Ah, beer. Beer has shaped our memories and our mornings ever since we took that first sip at that random high school party. Since Bud Lights and PBRs aren’t the only beers available to us anymore, the shade of beer we drink now can say everything about us. The beer we choose to order at a bar will communicate a lot about who we are. It can convey our mood, our age, and even our soul. So, here are some qualities we associate with some of the different shades of beer:

Yellow: For the beginners

  • If you only drink light beer, you definitely have not been a committed beer-drinker for very long. You used to only order mixed drinks, but you decided to start getting into beer for those occasions where you want to drink without waking up the next day with your head throbbing into your pillow. You also want people to know you’re a beer drinker, but you go for the smooth ones that go down easily. You totally appreciate beer, but you’re not ready to go for something like an Imperial Stout.

Amber: You’re getting there!

  • You drink IPAs. You probably see yourself as a beer aficionado with tastes that have evolved beyond PBR. But hold on, you still have a lot to learn. Amber drinkers are independent, confident individuals. Appearances are important to amber beer drinkers, too. You probably ordered that IPA to impress your date. That’s fine, but make sure you like the taste too!

Brown: For the slightly more daring

  • You’re quite the adventurous one. You order Brown Ales and Dark Lager and you usually take your sweet time deciding on which beer you want to start your night off with. You choose beer according to the type of mood you’re in, but you normally stick with the darker lagers because your palette is so sophisticated. You put a lot of thought into your beer of the night, because you’re a bit older and don’t drink five different types of liquor when you go out anymore.

Black: You know your beer

  • You could probably wrestle a bear your skin is so thick. You are refined, yet bold. You know all about the quality of beer, but you are not as pretentious as an IPA drinker. You have waited all summer long to order that Porter because drinking it in hot, humid weather is never ideal. You are a patient, mysterious regular to your neighborhood bar that really knows his beer. Bravo.