Yep, it happened. We’re drinking whale testicles now. Proof that we will do just about anything to get drunk. An Icelandic brewery will be unveiling a new creation named Hvalur 2 at the end of this month. What was the original Hvalur you ask? A beer with a similar, slightly less offensive, list of ingredients.

Hvalur was made with the meat, bones, and oil of fin whales and did remarkably well until its sale was prohibited due to the endangered status of the main ingredient. That didn’t discourage the brewers, who are smoking the whale testicles over sheep manure to give it added smoky taste. They use one testicle per vat of beer, but if you close your eyes it’s almost like you’re not drinking something that was intended to have a completely different destiny.

While this beer has collected quite an impressive list of haters, we have to admit – these brewers have balls.