giphy-2With Pokemon Go already being more popular than Twitter, it’s undeniable that our inner child from the past has come back to “Catch ‘em All!” With this in mind we feel obligated to share this recipe for vodka infused Pokeballs…

– Red and White Gummy Candy
– Purple Gummy Candy
– Vodka

1. First you are going to cut the red and white gummy candies apart by color. Put the red and white into separate piles. Next you are going to lightly grease the half sphere ice trays (2) to make removing the gummies easier.

2. The following step requires you to melt down one pile of the gummies color, while it is melting add in the vodka. Do this again for the other color. Once this is complete, pour the melted candies into their tray leaving a little room for the melted purple candy to go in. Make sure one tray is all white and the other tray all red

3. Next melt down the purple candy while adding vodka to this as well. Then pour over the purple candy over the top of the white and red halves. Let it chill for an hour.

4. Once it’s chilled you will take the halves out and put them together, then put them into the ice trays sideways so you can see each color. If you have extra white gummy candy melted down, take a melon baller spoon and create the button that “opens” the Pokeball, by pouring the white candy through the melon baller spoon.

5. Let it chill for an hour again, then enjoy and don’t forget to “Eat ‘em All!”