A new trend is bringing a tropical twist to your favorite after work drink. More and more breweries are turning towards citrus to make their IPA offerings juicy and sweet. With more breweries expanding their catalogues to include flavors like tangerine and mango, 2016 is already off to a delicious start.

The juiciest flavor we’ve found so far is credited to Founders Azacca from Michigan. Along with its specialty hops, it uses citrus, mango and orchard fruit to find a spot on the top of our list. We also can’t get enough of Coronado Stingray from San Diego that is made with sun-kissed citrus, nectarine and peach.

Love your hops but still want to give this trend a try? Take a sip of the Deschutes Hop Henge 2015. The winner of last year’s annual competition, this Oregon brew maintains that hops flavor you love while adding a hint of fruit.

These aren’t the only tropical IPAs on the market. Keep your eye our for Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Tropical IPA and New Belgium Citradelic. With any luck, in the next few months there will be too many tropical options to choose from.