BeerPongYou really thought you were going to be the guy to win Warren Buffet’s billion dollar bracket bet, didn’t you?


If you’re still beating yourself up over your busted bracket, we’ve heard about something pretty cool that can help you focus on more important things… like beer.


The NY Daily News reported that SeatSwap is hosting a Manhattan Madness beer pong tournament. Eight bars get paired with eight different charities and it’s a $60 buy-in if you want to get involved in the game. The $60 doesn’t cover any of your beer, but it’s for charity, man! If you win at your bar, you play in the championship (at a location that is still to be determined) on Sunday April 6.


The competition kicks off on Saturday April 5 and that is the Regional Qualifier. Here are the participating bars, their school affiliations, and charities they’re playing for:


  • Saloon (Florida State) – Wounded Warrior Project


  • Turtle Bay (Maryland) – Boomer Esiason Foundation


  • East End (Syracuse) – Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation


  • Mad River (Wisconsin) – Decker’s Dogs/Freedom Service Dogs of America


  • Brother Jimmy’s Lex (Michigan) – Hootie and the Blowfish Foundation


  • Duke’s (Texas) – TBD


  • Madhatter Saloon (Oklahoma) – TBD


If you’re interested in competing, you can register through the Manhattan Madness Crowdrise website. What’s in it for you, aside from a really fun time and knowing you’re supporting charity? The winning team at the very end takes home $5,000. It’s no billion dollar check, but we’re pretty sure you’d be thrilled to bring home some cold hard cash.