giphy-1Over Valentine’s Day weekend, AMC aired the highly anticipated mid season premiere of The Walking Dead, and man was it a quality comeback. If you’re not a fan or have never seen the show, we say fair enough, but you’re most definitely missing out (especially if you’re the type of person who can handle watching zombies rip apart human flesh for an hour). The series may already be on its sixth season, but we bet that based on the timing of this article being published, you’ll have some free time to binge watch at least a few episodes. With that, we present to you The Walking Dead drinking game*:

*could contain spoilers

Take a sip of your drink:

  • Anytime Rick saves the day
  • Anytime Daryl aims his crossbow
  • When any human is killed
  • Someone almost gets bitten
  • Carl scowls
  • Jessie’s youngest son expresses fear

Take 2 sips of your drink:

  • First walker attack in the show
  • For every limb lost
  • There’s hand on hand combat with a walker
  • Morgan knocks someone down with his staff
  • Dr. Denise takes a deep breathe to calm her anxiety

Take a healthy chug of your drink

  • First walker you see in the show
  • Carol fires a gun
  • A walker runs around on fire
  • Judith cries
  • Abraham fiddles with his wedding ring
  • Enid is actually helpful

Take a shot:

  • Someone’s form of transportation is stolen
  • Two walkers attack one human
  • A main character gets injured
  • Rick wears clean clothes
  • Eugene steps up (to do anything)

Chug your drink:

  • Father Gabriel kills a walker
  • Carl loses his hat
  • Any animal is shown
  • Someone is decapitated
  • You see Daryl load his crossbow
  • A walker bites Rick