As the air becomes chillier and the days become shorter, we are forced to accept that winter is indeed almost here. But don’t fret too much—there’s plenty of ways to warm up on a freezing day, one of our favorite methods being befriending a limited edition winter brew. With that, we’re staying optimistic this season, because with all the snow also comes a selection of the best holiday beers. Let us walk you through the most recent releases:

  • Harpoon Brewery – UFO Gingerland

This spiced wheat beer is naturally inspired by gingerbread, as it’s brewed with cinnamon, clove and ginger. Having a malty sweetness that’s counteracted by the tang of fresh ginger, this beer has both the aroma and taste of a ginger snap cookie.

  • Stevens Point Brewery – Whole Hog Espresso Stout

A complex blend utilizing several handcrafted malts including roasted barley, caramel, and dark chocolate malts combined with two types of coffee beans, this brew has a smooth taste with a hearty, roasted finish.

  • Angel City Brewery – Winter Porter

A full-bodied brew with 6.5% ABV, Angel City Brewery combines caramel and chocolate malts to create this beer’s classic vanilla aroma balanced by the taste of rich cocoa. Talk about an ideal winter beer.

  • Gordon Biersch Brewing Co. – WinterBock

Inspired by a recipe used by 11th century Bavarian monks to help sustain normal body function during winter fasts, this strong beer is made with Munich, pilsner, caramel and black malts. Its creamy base is perfectly balanced by a bitter aftertaste, perfect for those who prefer a less-sweet beer.

  • Magic Hat Brewery – Raspberry Stout

Named “Feast of Fools,” this stout was originally only available at the brewery until made available nationwide this year. Its sweet smell evolves from the combination of cocoa and dark chocolate malts, giving the brew a taste reminiscent of the holiday season. If you’re looking for an even sweeter incentive to buy this brew, consider doing so because the company plans to donate $5,000 from sales to the Vermont Food bank.

  • Anchor Brewing Co. – Christmas Ale

Available from early November through mid-January, this beer’s release marks its 40th year in the seasonal beer market. Though this dark ale’s recipe differs each year, this season’s version features hints of bold citrus combined with other spices and piney hops.

  • Alaskan Brewing Co. – Winter Ale

An English old style beer, this ale is made with both European and Pacific Northwest hops to produce a traditionally malty taste. Balancing the sweet aroma of Sitka spruce tips with a clean, hoppy finish, this brew delivers a warming sensation with every sip.

Have you already taste tested any of these brews? Tell us how you liked them!