kikori-whiskey-review-01Kikori is a recently released whisky that is made form 100% rice (yes, rice!). This whisky is distilled in Japan and all the ingredients are from there as well.

The water put into this is from the surrounding mountains and rainforests that’s filtered through the volcanic earth on Kyushu Island. The rice has been cultivated for over 2,000 years from the nutrient rich volcanic soil of Kyushu Island. Japanese rice is considered some of the highest quality in the world. The distillation process occurs for 3-10 years in American Oak, French Limousin Oak and Sherry Casks.

Kikori is golden in color with a floral aroma and notes of caramel, vanilla and tree fruits. The palate consists of toasted almonds, tart apple and melon. This is all balanced with the aging process of the oak and sherry flavor and a clean finish.

If you’re looking to get your hands on this you can be sure to pick up some in the California area, but if that’s too far, you can order it online here.