161111_EM_SquirrelBeerThis may be the holy grail of beers. If a stuffed squirrel can be a grail, that is.

London based beer maker, BrewDog, recently opened a new facility in Columbus, Ohio. And to celebrate the special occasion, they decided to bring back one of their legendary brews one last time. It’s a good thing Ohio just dissolved its law regarding alcohol-by-volume limits on beer, because The End of History Belgian Blonde Ale is a whopping 55% ABV.

The name comes from a famous quote by philosopher Francis Fukuyama who professed that western democracy would b e the final stage in the evolution of political systems, and therefore marks “the end of history.” The folks at BrewDog feel the same way about their beer. They claim that this batch of specialty brew will be the last time they try to push the limits of how strong a beer can be, making their concoction the “end of beer.”

The End of History is brewed with nettles from the Scottish highlands and Juniper berries. It is suggested to be enjoyed in very small servings. Finally, to make this brew even more peculiar than it already is, every bottle is packaged in a stuffed grey squirrel or stoat.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to pick up a case of The End of History on your way home, you may be out of luck. Only 12 bottles exist in the entire world, and each one costs $20,000. Too bad, because this would make a great gift for your crazy redneck uncle. Anyone willing to hell out that kind of dough is also given an equity stake in BrewDog.

While we will probably never come close to tasting this rare beer, there are still plenty of other BrewDog beers out there that we are dying to get our hands on. Check out the 33% ABV Tactical Nuclear Penguin and the 41% ABV Sink The Bismark IPA.

Source : Time.com