Today we bring you another Kickstarter to encourage your alcoholism. The Drinking Jacket is more than a fashionable winter layer. It’s what Inspector Gadget would wear if he had a drinking problem.

Zane Lamprey has created a jacket that subtly and stylishly provides every drinking accessory you’ll need for a night out. The zipper even doubles as a bottle-opener, so it’ll be easy to get girls at the party to come a little closer. There’s a pocket for your ID and money, another for your metal detector-proof flask, and a few more that double as koozies to keep your beer cool. Did we mention that the sleeves fold out to give you drinking grips?

The Kickstarter has already been fully funded, so all you have to do is click ‘buy’ and choose one of 4 colors. The guys at the Drinking Jacket remind you to drink responsibly, so they threw on a reflective logo that lets drivers easily see you if you happen to run into the middle of the street on the way home. If that isn’t enough to convince you that you need this jacket, then you don’t deserve one.