art-of-patronWhen you think of ultra-premium tequila, we’re sure Patron pops into mind. This month, the company is implementing The Art of Patron, a new platform to celebrate the liquor and its prominence in the marketplace. To commend the “artistry of the brand,” Patron will highlight five different elements of the program: culinary arts, mixology and cocktails, music and culture, the Patron bottle itself and Patron tequilas.

Each section commemorates artists, their talents, and their commitments to their craft:

Culinary Arts: While the Patron brand has always supported chef and food professionals, the company plans to sponsor even more culinary events in the upcoming months. In particular is the “Secret Dining Society” series, where local chefs and bartenders get together to cook delicious meals paired with Patron cocktails “in unexpected “secret” locations.”

Mixology and Cocktails: Mixologists with the ability to fix up finely curated cocktails are true artists. Through Patron’s partnership with the United States Bartenders’ Guild, The Art of Patron celebrates the skill of such bartenders and the originality of their cocktail creations.

Music and Culture: Pairing up with Rolling Stone Films, The Art of Patron will feature singers and songwriters and their stories through a video platform online. First up, Willie Nelson shares the story of his famous guitar, Trigger. Watch the video here.

The Patron Bottle: The bottle itself is a piece of art, and with that, Patron praises skilled glass artisans for all of their imaginative creations. As part of the platform, Patron will implement (in March) a consumer bottle art contest. Those who enter will have the chance to design and share their creative, functional pieces of art (like this!) using the Patron bottle as a source of inspiration.

Patron Tequilas: Finally, what goes inside the bottle is Patron’s greatest accomplishment—and so are the men and women who hand craft every drop of the spirit at the Hacienda Patron distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. As a last hurrah, Patron will release two brand new extra-aged tequila special editions later this year.

“At Patron, we’ve always believed that crafting the world’s finest tequila is an art. That inspiration led us to create ‘The Art of Patron,’ a unique collection of experiences that reflect artists’ uncompromising commitment to their specific craft,” said Lee Applbaum, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Patron Spirits.

The campaign comes alive on its website, Additionally, with the utilization of social media, consumers can share and comment through Patron’s channels as well as with the hashtag, #theartofpatron. We think the program is off to a well-rounded start, especially considering Patron’s promise of expanding the program throughout the year, giving the brand the opportunity to hold additional Secret Dining Society dinners, Rolling Stone events, and other cocktail-themed festivities.