Some people like 4th of July weekend because they get to relax outside at the pool, beach, or in their own back yard, but we prefer to spend part of our weekend indoors at the movies to kick off summer blockbuster season. Yes, the new Transformers movie looks terrible, but we don’t go to see Michael Bay movies for the plotlines anyway, right? Robots and explosions, FTW.

We do, however, also like to stay home and watch some of our favorite summer blockbuster movies from the past. A lot of those films just never get old, so watch one of these huge movies this weekend and make a cocktail to sip while you watch.


Jaws set box office records in 1975 and it is considered to be the first summer blockbuster. If you’ve never seen Jaws we don’t want to talk to you until you watch it this weekend and make this boss shark bite cocktail.

  • In an ice-filled cocktail shaker, add 3/4 oz. spiced rum, 3/4 oz. light rum, 1/2 oz. blue curacao, and 1 1/2 oz. sour mix.
  • Shake and strain into a high ball glass with ice in it.
  • Take red food coloring, and drop one drop of it onto an ice cube. Drip a little grenadine on top of the food coloring and it will help disperse the “blood” in the water nicely.


We think of summer blockbusters now as being filled to the brim with special effects, but back in 1984 when Ghostbusters came out, it proved to be an awesome balance of comedy and special effects.

  • In an ice-filled cocktail shaker, add 1/2 oz. blue curacao, 1/2 oz. sour apple pucker, 1 oz. orange vodka, 1 oz. gin, and 2 oz. orange juice.
  • Shake well until the mixture is nice and cold, strain into an ice-filled glass and enjoy an outstanding ectoplasm cocktail.

The Dark Knight

Like us, you probably cursed the universe when you heard Heath Ledger was going to play The Joker in The Dark Knight. “What were those casting directors thinking?”And also like us, you probably sat in that movie theater, stunned at how awesome he actually played the part. Make this joker-themed cocktail and raise a glass to the guy who made The Dark Knight amazing (because it definitely wasn’t Christian Bale’s weird voice that did).

  • Fill a glass with ice and add 1 oz. light rum and 1 oz. cherry liqueur
  • Add Coke to taste.
  • …and that’s it. Easy, right?

What’s your favorite blockbuster to watch?