If you are a whiskey lover, you have probably heard of Distiller by this point in your life. For those of you who are not up on the latest and greatest innovations in the drinking world, Distiller is an app that is a recommendation engine for whiskey enthusiasts. They analyze a bajillion (approximately) data points across flavors, prices, reputations, and more, and then give users personalized whiskey recommendations. Pretty cool.

Now, Distiller is kicking things up a notch and turning their app into a legitimate social network. Move over, Facebook!

When you login to the app, your name is at the top and you can see notes, followers, and who you are following. Click on “My Feed” and you will see everything that has happened with you and the people you follow, including notes people have left on certain whiskies, what you rated a certain whiskey, and if someone added a specific whiskey to their “Top Shelf.” Other links on your main page lead to: My Top Shelf, My Collection, My Wishlist, and My Ratings.

We love being able to see who is following us (because we are obviously awesome) and also who were are following, of course. It is also great to be able to search for specific members now because, let’s face it, some of you are better at the whole whiskey thing than others and we want to see what you’re liking and talking about.

We must remind you, however, that Distiller is not the only social networking game out there for whiskey lovers. Other popular sites that allow whiskey lovers to connect include Whisky Connosr and Drammer; both are also pretty good, but Drammer is really new and Whisky Connosr doesn’t have the mobile app capabilities that Distiller does. If you like to do your social networking on-the-go, Distiller is definitely the leader in that realm right now.

We’re not sure where we see this idea going in the future, but we’ll definitely have fun participating in the technology and watching it grow and change. Maybe one day we will be able to have virtual whiskey tastings with our followers through the app and we can actually talk to each other and discuss what we’re drinking. Also, app developers, please figure out a way to make our iPhones dispense whiskey. We think an invention like that could result in world peace.