giphyEverybody knows how wild Oakland Raiders fans can be. Through thick and thin, these folks are consistently the loudest, drunkest and most passionate fans in the NFL. It’s no wonder why Bleacherreport listed Raiders Nation as #1 on their list of the rowdiest fan bases in the NFL.

But last week, the Oakland faithful took their antics to new heights (pun intended).

On a flight from Oakland to Kansas City, a plane full of Raiders fans apparently drank every single drop of liquor on board. “The Black Hole” sucked up every beer, wine and mini bottle that the Southwest Airlines flight had to offer. And this was the day before the game against the Chiefs. The feat was so impressive in fact, that the pilot actually congratulated the fans over the intercom.

Unfortunately, the Raiders lost to the Chiefs 21-3 and relinquished their spot atop the AFC West standings. After such a crushing loss, I can only imagine how much those fans drank on the flight home…