If you’re into movies, the Academy Awards are pretty much the most important award show for those who are in the film industry. There’s one problem, though: the Academy Awards broadcast is long. Like, really long. And it interrupts The Walking Dead. Not cool.


We love finding out the big Oscar winners, but we’re fine with watching the news in the morning to hear who won. Unfortunately, we live with a lady who needs to watch the entire show from start to finish, including the E! red carpet coverage for a million hours before it starts. She doesn’t expect us to care about the red carpet stuff, but when the show starts, she inevitably begs for us to watch with her until we finally give in.


We have a feeling you may be familiar with this exact scenario.


If your significant other is going to guilt you into watching the Academy Awards tomorrow night, we wanted to make things a little more interesting for you (and us). Yes, we made a drinking game…a one person drinking game. The rules are easy and hell, you can even make up your own. We won’t be hurt. As long as you get to relax, enjoy some drinks and get a nice buzz on, you can end the night as a winner.


Someone trips anywhere on stage (this includes walking up the stairs): Take 1 sip


Someone gets cut off by the orchestra during their acceptance speech: Take 1 sip


Someone references Meryl Streep in their acceptance speech: Take 2 sips


A winner takes the stage visibly intoxicated and you feel embarrassed for them: Take 3 sips


Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins an Oscar: Take 4 sips and yell “I’m the King of the World!”


During the “In Memoriam” montage, you realize they forgot someone really important and/or they spelled a name wrong: Finish your drink.