As we pass over the mid August hump, there are a few tell tail signs that the end of summer is near. The sun has begun to set before 8 o’clock, back-to-school commercials are back to back and Oktoberfest has unveiled the official 2015 beer mug. Yes, the long awaited for and world’s largest beer festival is right around the corner.

The 2015 beer mug flashes the winning logo of the annual design competition. Back in February, Munich art student Mortiz Breitenhuber, swept the competition for his 2015 design and set the tone for the Oktoberfest 2015 to be the most “fresh, colorful, and modern,” beer festival yet. Large, vibrant, boxed, letters give shape to a beer mug that will not only be seen on collectors mugs everywhere, but will also be published on 10,000 posters and about 100,000 brochures.

For many of us, the festival–which goes from September 19th through October 4th–is simply a time when our newsfeed is taken over by friend’s abroad wearing Tracht, the traditional attire for men and women in German speaking countries, and showing off that beer-happy glow. However, there are a lucky few who will get to experience the craze first hand. And if you do, you must be sure to hold that mug loud and proud.