It’s the tail end of a long weekend; your small reward for suffering through countless full work weeks is nearing its end. There’s no doubt that an extra night of drinking made a pretty significant hole in your wallet (and your liver), but that’s no reason to glue yourself to the couch until your next payday. Here’s a few ways to save some money without sacrificing your social life:

Go Big: If you know you’re going to drink the same beer all night, buy a pitcher. Chances are pretty good that someone will split it with you and buy the next one. In the end it’ll be cheaper, and you’ll look like a hero guy for suggesting it. Same goes for wine. Why buy 4 glasses when you can just go for the bottle and call it a night? Who would you rather talk to: The guy with a single glass of wine or the one poppin’ bottles?

Drink Before You Drink: One of the few things you did in college that will still benefit you as an adult. Drink the hard stuff before you leave the house and you won’t find yourself throwing away money just to get a buzz going.

Go Cardless: The most dangerous thing you can do at the bar is open up a tab. You buy a few for yourself, a drink or two for a friend… next thing you know you’ve spent $60 and can’t remember why. Leave your card at home and only carry as much cash as you want to spend. Worst case scenario: you run out of money and are forced to make some generous new friends.

Personal Driver: Go look at your bank statement and add up how much money you’ve spent on cabs in the last 2 months… Ok now stop crying and listen carefully: Pick a designated driver every time you go out. Take turns, let one drive there and one drive back, whatever you want! Just don’t waste your money on cabs anymore.

Kind of makes you wonder why we haven’t been following these rules all along, doesn’t it?