21659Whether you’re going on a hike, picnic or hitting the beach, rarely are you going to want to drag your beer around in a big clunky backpack or a heavy ice-filled cooler. Instead, purchase yourself the Mountainsmith Cooler Tube.

With an exterior made from hemp, this tube is durable and functional, making it the perfect brew carrying case. This insulated tube is waterproof, easy to clean and can hold your favorite six pack (that’s right – an entire six pack). Best of all it’s easy to carry, as it is outfitted with an adjustable strap, allowing the device to be the opposite of large and bulky, like a backpack. It’s only 28 inches long and 3.25 inches wide, making the tube the most functional way to transport your beer.

The Mountainsmith Cooler Tube is sure to keep your booze cold while you’re out on an adventure, and it definitely won’t get in the way because of its ideal size. Get yours now here!