Calling all liquor lovers! There’s a place, a magical place, where you can study all there is to know about distilling spirits—and it’s called Moonshine University. Located only 50 miles from some of the nation’s most well known distilleries in Louisville, Kentucky, Moonshine U is the esteemed education division of the renowned Distilled Spirits Epicenter. Offering several courses, workshops and private classes, people from all over the world flock to the school because of its famous teachers and respected technique.

Being an exclusive member of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association, the university brings together specialists from all over the country—including master distillers from companies such as Jim Beam—to lead its classes. Liquor labels such as Jack Daniels as well as Jim Beam stand behind Moonshine U’s programs, so you know they’re quality.

You can sign up for a 5-day distilling course, where you spend each day in the distillery (making rum, whiskey, gin and vodka—oh my!), a specified workshop, where you experience hands-on activities that combine a classroom atmosphere with “practical application,” or even a private and custom class for small groups. Either way, you’ll learn the technical training and business management skills required for a career in the distilling industry.

Interested? Sign up for a class here!