IMG_8269-webAs we all know, Beer and Whiskey are both made from grains but one is fermented while the other is aged and distilled in barrels. But what if someone was to distill the beer before starting the fermentation process that brews go through?

San Francisco’s Seven Stills Brewery & Distillery has done just this. These masterminds have created a Whiskey infused with the same complexity as their craft brews. One of Seven Stills’ whiskeys is the “Fluxuate,” which was distilled from a coffee porter with the company’s “Flux Cold Brewed Coffee.” The benefit of creating this spirit is that there are incredible aromas of coffee and vanilla while also offering a palate of dark and rich roasted flavors. We think it’s fair to say that this distillery has innovated the ways of whiskey distilling.

Seven Stills whiskeys are made from several types of beer, including Double IPA’s, Stouts and porters. It’s hard to resist wanting to try the complexity of flavors that go into these whiskeys, so if you are in the California area be sure to check it out. Not from the West Coast? No worries – you can also conveniently order their drinks online.