As soon as the clock struck 12:57PM on Thursday and Spring officially arrived, we had this really weird flood of emotions. First, we were really happy at the thought of warm weather and not hiding inside like mole people all the time. Then, our happiness turned to terror when we remembered what we look like shirtless.


They say girls are the only ones who care about looking good for swimsuit season, but we all know this is a load of crap. As much as we’ve loved eating and drinking all winter and enduring more than a few food comas, we’d be happier if we knew we could jump in a pool this summer and not set off the tsunami warning siren.


If you’re also now realizing what you look like with your shirt off, it’s time to take some action. Some people cut out booze altogether when they’re dieting, but a) we don’t diet and b) hell no. We’re more about making better choices and still getting to drink whenever the hell we want to.


That being said, here are a few lighter alcohol options for the weeks leading up to summer time. We’re not going to drink these forever, but we are going to drink them until people stop asking us to do the Truffle Shuffle:


  • Light Beer (duh)


  • Guinness, which is actually pretty decent for you


  • Drink your favorite liquor straight


  • Drink your favorite liquor with club soda or diet soda if you’re too chicken to drink it straight


  • A Martini, James Bond style


  • Wine, because you’re classy like that


Also, we know people rarely do this, but try to have a glass of water between each drink. Water is good for you, it will help prevent a hangover, and it will stop you from having more drinks than you normally would. You’ll save money and be less fat… it’s a win/win situation.