We’re not sure if you’re aware, but we basically kill it every time we play bar trivia. It’s the best thing to happen to the bar scene since body shots. That’s why every year on this day, National Trivia Day, we celebrate accordingly with a few beers in hand and our favorite trivia questions.


We rounded up some interesting drinking-related trivia to give your brains a little weekend exercise.




1. What are the top 3 countries that consume the most beer per capita?


2. Who was the U.S. President in office when Prohibition was repealed?


3. What U.S. college was founded by and funded by a brewer?


4. What is methyphobia?


5. How many grapes does it take to produce one bottle of wine?


6. What is tequila primarily made from?


7. What is a labeorphilist?


8. What is the official spirit of the United States?


9. Gin was invented in what country?


10. A bottle of champagne contains approximately how many bubbles?


Challenge your pals with a few of these questions tonight or for the next time you’re out. Nothing makes a trip to the bar better than busting your friends with booze trivia. The answers are below – make sure you take them with you so you don’t look like a fool when they ask you the answers.




1. Palau, Czech Republic, and Seychelles,


2. Franklin D. Roosevelt


3. Vassar College


4. The fear of alcohol


5. It varies, but on average, it takes between 600 and 800 grapes


6. Blue agave


7. A collector of beer bottles


8. Bourbon


9. Holland


10. 49 million


Do you have any good trivia questions to stump us? We’re always up for a challenge. Happy National Trivia Day.