whiskey-wax-IIFor those of you who boast an excellent stache, we know it doesn’t come easy. Not only do you regularly trim your stache, but you also apply wax to keep all those hairs right in place. Well, we have good news – especially for those of you who enjoy a nice tall glass of whisky at the end of your day.

Johnnie Walker has made the world’s first ever mustache wax that will enrich your drink’s flavor. The Boldest Wax is supposed to be the perfect supplement to the Johnnie & Ginger, which is a mixture of the Johnnie Walker Red Label whisky with ginger ale and lime. Along with enhancing your drinks flavor, the wax also produces “scents that linger beneath the nostrils.”

The Boldest Wax even accommodates all preferences, with its three flavors: Citrus Essence, Piperine Pepper, and Ginger Root. So, if you are facially hairless or still working on your stache, you better get growing.

Right now, wax is only available in the U.K. but we are crossing our fingers that it will come to the U.S. soon!