Moonshine. It’s not just the star of that Discovery Channel drama about the liquor’s illegal production in the Appalachian Mountains; it’s also a delicious ingredient for a variety of cocktails and other libations. Ole Smoky Moonshine, born and (still) bred in Gatlinburg, Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains, has an astonishingly long history producing the alcohol, making the brand the biggest in the biz.

Recently, Ole Smoky partnered with Harley Davidson to create their newest booze, Ole Smoky Harley Davidson Road House Customs Charred Moonshine. As the company’s website states, the partnership is intended to “pay homage to the bond among riders and their end-of-ride revelries at distant roadside destinations where bikes are parked and friends are gathered.” Both Ole Smoky and Harley Davidson share common beliefs of “independence, adventure and a strong history of Americana, making the partnership a natural and exciting evolution.”

At 103 proof and packaged with a limited edition label and custom mason jar, Ole Smoky’s charred offering is handcrafted and slowly aged in barrels, all contributing to the liquor’s overall smoothness. If you’re wondering what “charred” is referring to, it’s not necessarily to the moonshine’s flavor; charring moonshine has been a tradition in Tennessee moonshine making for as long as the booze has been around. So if you’re pining for a taste of traditional moonshine with a twist of the open road, Ole Smoky has you covered.