Nope, he’s not a character from your child’s favorite new book. Grumblebum is a real, live horse who lives in Australia and drinks beer.

Before you call animal control we should tell you that he limits himself to only one beer every couple of months. So it’s not really that terrible. He possesses the kind of self control that we can only dream of. Grumblebum is a 4 year old Clydesdale, but he prefers XXXX beer to Budweiser.

It all started when his owner, David Patterson, went to give him some water. He was carrying a beer of his own and Grumblebum was curious. He sniffed the drink and David gave him a taste, only to find that his entire beer was gone in a second.

Grumblebum is in great health with no beer belly as of now. He’s pretty much discovered the secret to living a happy life: Drink beer and be a horse. So we commend you, Grumblebum. For allowing us to write an article where we get to say Grumblebum… Grumblebum.