WCPO_Fifty_Fest_can_1438786342628_22320786_ver1.0_640_480Who didn’t wish their candy bars had a golden ticket to a chocolate factory as a kid? Fifty West Brewing Company has spun this idea into something everyone over 21 can get excited about. In honor of their third annual Fifty Fest—a day of live music, beer and local food hosted in Ohio—they’re launching limited edition cans for their Penny’s Pilsner and Rainbow Road. Not only are the beers deliciously drinkable, each one has a removable label with a “golden ticket.” Fans can redeem the ticket for entry into Fifty Fest on September 19th.

If you haven’t been lucky enough to try one of their beers, the Rainbow Road Session IPA is brewed with Lemondrop and Azaca hops while Penny’s Pilsner is a floral German-style Pilsner. If you like winning as much as we do, you can also enter their homebrew competition where your beer will be judged by industry heavy hitters with sweet prizes for the winners. Less than 1,000 of the six-packs are hitting the market, so start stocking up and ripping off labels because if there’s one thing better than chocolate, it’s beer.