Getting married soon? Unless you’re a really involved groom (why?), there’s a good chance your bride has taken care of most of the planning and up until now, you’ve been able to skate by with attending a few tastings and getting fitted for your tux. But now that the big day is quickly approaching, there’s suddenly another task that has been added to your to-do list: get gifts for your groomsmen.

Buying gifts for anyone can be a huge pain, but what are you supposed to give your pals to thank them for being there for you on one of the most important days of your life?

Booze. Or something they can use to drink booze.

That’s what you’d want, right?

Personalized Flask

We admit this is not the most creative groomsman gift, but it is a classic because it’s a good gift. There are going to come times when your groomsmen will need to have a secret stash of booze, and by giving them a flask, you will be able to help them out again and again. Try one of these engraved flasks from Etsy – they’re classy and personalized so no one can ever steal your friend’s flask and pretend it’s their own.

Beer Holster

Ever wanted to be a cowboy? You and your groomsmen can feel like cowboys with a badass beer holster – but, instead of a gun, the holster holds your beer (much more essential, if you ask us). Your buds will be able to tote around their beer whenever they want, hands-free, and it will always be available when they’re thirsty.

Box O’ Booze

This box of booze is so easy to put together, but your friends will definitely appreciate it. Get a few nice looking boxes from a craft store, put some fancy packaging inside, and then include a small glass, can of cola, and a little bottle of Jack/Jim/whatever your poison of choice is. It’s simple, but giving your buddies the gift of their favorite cocktail is the best gift of all.