giphy-1Here’s our hot take of the day: Beer is always better from a tap.

Okay, not much of a hot take, but most beer lovers out there would agree with us. The only problem is, we don’t always feel like putting clothes on and going to a bar for a refreshing draught. That’s where Fizzics comes in. The new home draft system promises to enhance the flavor of any canned or bottled beer. Mind. Blown.

The device has two main components- A pressurized chamber to hold the beer, and a sound wave generator for creating foam. To operate a Fizzics unit, you start by placing a beer in the pressurized chamber and inserting the tap line. Pull the tap handle forward and the chamber pressurizes the forces the beer through the tube to preserve as much carbonation as possible. Next, push the handle backwards to trigger the sound wave generator that breaks up the bubbles of carbon dioxide in you beer to create a perfectly dense head of foam. Fizzics’ “micro-foam” is guaranteed to preserve the flavor, enhance the aromas and create a smooth and creamy mouthfeel for any and all beers.

So even if you’re planning to stay in sweatpants on your couch all weekend, it’s never a bad time for an expertly poured draught. With Fizzics, get the perfect beer without ever leaving your house.