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Gentlemen, we have now entered Fantasy Football draft season. It’s a little bit like Christmas and it deserves to be celebrated as such; don’t listen to the haters, they just don’t understand how important this is.

Most fantasy drafts take place while each team member sits at home on their laptop and locks their family members out of the room. They sit in silence, concentrating fully on their next pick while simultaneously trash talking everyone in the draft’s chat box. If this is how you’ve always done your fantasy draft in the past, it’s OK – we understand that this is how the average American puts their team together. But moving forward, you must realize that you are notthe average American. You are a badass man who lives for football season and that is awesome. This year, it’s time to celebrate that fact and throw a fantasy football draft party that will put all others to shame.

1. Pick the right spot. You’re going to need a lot of room to spread out, so choose a place in your house that is conducive to this type of party. A finished basement with a locking door is pretty clutch, but we know that sometimes you need to work with what you’ve got.

2. Kick everyone out. Well, everyone who lives in your house, unless they are involved in the draft. Your family or roommates will tell you that they will leave you alone during the draft, but that is just a lie. Trust no one and tell them to take a hike for a few hours while you get down to business.

3. Decide your method of drafting. Some people like to draft digitally, while others prefer the old-fashioned method of making a huge drafting board. If people decide they want to draft digitally, make sure they all have a laptop, tablet, or smartphone that they can use.

4. FOOD. One of the most important parts of a live fantasy football draft is the food. If things aren’t going your way, you can just eat your feelings. On the flipside, if things are going your way, you can also eat your feelings because you’re so excited for yourself. Food suggestions: a nacho bar, a giant sub, chips, pulled pork, pizza, chicken wings. If you suck at cooking, you can order all of these things from the professionals. If you are awesome at cooking, you can make these things by yourself.

5. BOOZE. Booze is a must for a fantasy football draft because in moderation, it can be a lot of fun. However, it’s also a trap for your opponents because if they end up having one too many drinks, they could potentially make some huge fails with their draft. We feel the draft is an excellent opportunity to buy a keg, but if you want more variety, just get a bunch of different beers. If your friends want cocktails, they can bring all the fixings on their own because you’re not there to play bartender, you’re there to drink beer and draft a winning team.

What do you think are some essential components of a fantasy football draft party? What did we forget?