giphyIf you ask us, smartphones should really only be used for three things: making calls, sharing memes, and making drinking beer easier. If you are wondering how your phone could possibly make you better at drinking, then check out or list of the best smartphone apps for beer lovers.

  1. UnTapped – Considered to be the gold standard of beer apps, UnTapped is a social networking app that allows users to track and rate any and all beers they drink. Use the app to find bars and breweries, and to share your drinking progress with your friends.
  2. TapHunter – This app tells users what’s on tap at bars near them. Simple. Efficient. Essential.
  3. Next Glass – The app offers users personalized beer suggestions. Just type in a beer you like, and Next Glass will recommend similar brews.
  4. Beer Match – A good beer is meant to be enjoyed with food. The only problem is, how do you know what beer to drink with any given meal? Beer Match can help. With this app, users can quickly find what beer best pairs with different meals and cheeses.
  5. Today’s Beer – Probably the most aesthetically pleasing app on the list, Today’s Beer shows users a beautiful 360 degree images of one beer each day and offers basic stats and facts. Great for anyone who loves to study the label, bottle and color of a beer before they drink it.