edible-rings-hed-2016There isn’t much to dislike about beer. It’s thirst quenching, flavorful, and some brands even have beautifully branded bottle/can labels. There really isn’t any way to go wrong with a beer – except for the plastic 6 pack rings that hold them together. You know what we’re talking about. This environmentally hazardous material is littered into our oceans, causing wildlife to choke on, ingest, and get caught in plastic 6 pack rings. But there is a solution…

New York ad agency We Believers and its client Saltwater Brewery, a small Florida craft beer brand, recently collaborated to create the first even biodegradable 6 pack ring. Instead of using plastic, the rings are made of grains left over from the brewing process, allowing wildlife to ingest the rings safely. “For brands to be successful today, it is no longer about being the best in the world,” says chief creative officer Gustavo Lauria, “but rather, being the best for the world and taking a real stance.”

The brewery’s shift toward sustainable packaging is certainly an inspirational one; we hope more brands pick up on the biodegradable material and begin to utilize the edible rings themselves.