Beer-Drinking-Pig-At-BarSo, a pig walks into a bar…no really, at the Conquering Hero Pub in West Norwood, London, a 4-year-old Vietnamese micro-pig named “Frances Bacon” constantly roams around her owners’ bar, begging for treats.

But not just any treats—she prefers beer and bar snacks. According to pub landlords, Vicky and Ian Taylor-Ross, their pet pig has been making her rounds by finishing off leftover booze from customers’ glasses as well as raiding the bar snack stock (I mean, who wouldn’t?). But this behavior isn’t directly Bacon’s disobedience; pub visitors have always allowed the “loveable menace” to steal little sips from their drinks. And if not immediately offered, Bacon would head-butt their legs under the table until a brew was presented.

Bacon’s astonishing sense of smell has let her bypass any efforts to keep the pig from stealing food from the stock room. Now besides keeping everything locked, the Taylor-Ross’s have also refused Bacon access to the pub itself. It’s unfortunate that customers will no longer have a pig to play with, but it’s for the best–after all, there’s nothing worse than a drunken swine.