DavidOrtizThere’s something special about designated hitters; we love a guy that can just smash the hell out of a baseball and make the crowd go wild. Although the National League has yet to bring in designated hitters, the American League has been using them since 1973. In fact, tomorrow is the 41 year anniversary of the day the first DH went up to bat (the Yankees’ Ron Bloomberg against the Red Sox).


To honor this important event in MLB history, we created a list of some of the best designated hitters we’d love to grab beers with.


David Ortiz – Even if you don’t like the Boston Red Sox, you have to admit that David Ortiz is one of the most likeable baseball players out there today. He’s also crazy good; he’s a 9-time All Star, three-time World Series champion and has 6 Silver Slugger Awards.

Where we’d meet him for a drink: Cask ‘n Flagon.


Edgar Martinez – Martinez was so good that the Baseball Writers Association paid tribute to this former Seattle Mariner by renaming the Outstanding Designated Hitter Award after him. He won the batting title in 1995 with a .356 average and led the American League with 121 runs that same year.

Where we’d meet him for a drink: The Ram.


Don Baylor – Don Baylor just broke his frigging femur throwing out the ceremonial first pitch for the Los Angeles Angels this week – dude needs a beer right now. Back in the day, Baylor was with the Minnesota Twins when they won the World Series in 1987. He’s the 1979 American League MVP and then got Manager of the Year in 1995 when he was managing the Colorado Rockies.

Where we’d meet him for a drink: Cuzzy’s Bar.


Frank Thomas – This DH known for playing with the Chicago White Sox was the first Designated Hitter to reach the National Baseball Hall of Fame. He was also a first baseman, but he played 58 percent of his career as a designated hitter.

Where we’d meet him for a drink: Bullpen Sports Bar.


Jason Giambi – Giambi was with the Oakland A’s in 2000 when he won the American League MVP (he beat Frank Thomas); he hit 43 homeruns and had 137 RBIs that year. He’s also a 5-time All-Star and 2-time Silver Slugger.

Where we’d meet him for a drink: Ricky’s Sports Theatre and Grill.


Jose Canseco – Okay, so we know Canseco was totally ‘roided out when he played, but he owned up to it so we still want to have a beer with him. Don’t judge.

Where we’d meet him for a drink: Opera Bobs Public House.


Who’d we miss? Which designated hitter would you want to have a beer with?